Spirulina’s Color

in News August 30, 2016

As we all know Spirulina is microalgae and it has a characteristic green color. Let’s see the signigficance of this color

 Let’s see the significance of this color!

The green color symbolizes hope for life, rebirth and resurrection. It’s considered the color of harmony, of social service and altruism. It’s the color of nature and balance.

In color therapy said that controls the heart and blood pressure, balances the nervous system and soothe the ulcer. Also, the green color heals the wounds of the past, relieves headache and nausea, reduces claustrophobia and restores balance.

In the human body the green color corresponds to the heart, shoulders, chest and lungs.
Greens (spinach, cucumber, kiwi, avocado, peppers, spirulina) help to detoxify the body and give more strength.

What role does the green color in psychology?

It is the color of nature and symbolizes good luck, health and tranquility. Improves  the reading speed and perception. It represents fertility and euphoria symbol. It is distinguished for relaxing properties and is therefore preferred by designers for landscaping.

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