Our Company

The Company SPIRULINA NIGRITA Ltd was established in the Nigrita region in 2012 with its headquarters at Therma, aiming at the cultivation, packaging and marketing of Spirulina. The company has an area of 2,25 hectares and cooperates with its subsidiary SPIRULINA NIGRITA ANASTASIADIS X., which was founded in 2017 and has an area of 4,6 hectares in the nearby area of Alepou.
The company group was set up with the equity of the Anastasiadis family and its associates without bank debt. Since its establishment, the company has been subsidized partly by the EPAL 2013-2017 EU financial program for its production and manufacturing facilities

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SPIRULINA NIGRITA Ltd. has invested considerably the last years in facilities and know-how, aiming at the substantial increase of production and quality.

The Company operates state-of-the-art raceway ponds for the cultivation of Spirulina, extending the productive period from 6 to 12 months with optimal use of the natural geothermal energy of the location.

The production protocol and the processing of Spirulina to final products are continuously upgraded by incorporating technological advances and optimizing quality control procedures.

Spirulina Nigrita is an acclaimed product of premium quality due to the favouring local environmental conditions, the technologically advanced raceway-ponds employed, protected by anthropogenic factors in closed greenhouses (unlike common practices elsewhere), and the natural cultivation and processing approaches adopted.


Research & Development

SPIRULINA NIGRITA certified organic


ISO 9000 & ISO 22000

SPIRULINA NIGRITA production certified with ISO 9000 & ISO 22000



SPIRULINA NIGRITA was established in 2012, in Nigrita Serres.

our team

People Behind the Science

Our team thinking out of the box, strives to review and apply state-of-the-art technologies and best management practices, to achieve what we believe should be the finest Spirulina product.

Christos Anastasiadis

Son of Pantelis Anastasiadis who undertook to continue his father’s vision

Ioannis Tzovenis
Biologist and expert on Spirulina

Dr. Ioannis Tzovenis, biologist and expert on Spirulina since his student years, who joined the team with high aspirations about at the future.

Our Vision

The company strongly believes in and consistently aims at the production of natural products for well-being, proper nutrition and good human health. In this effort, we use modern knowledge and technology with respect to the environment, man and our country. We opt to use the natural resources of our country minimizing imported raw materials and dependence on foreign know-how.

Our Mission

We consider Spirulina as a potential solution for a healthy and nutritious aid for people less privileged through specific programs promoted by humanitarian organisations.

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