Certificates & Iso

Formulation of the final product takes place in three distinct forms: tablets, powder and flakes. The bulk is tableted into a 100 % Spirulina product without excipients or impurities, making it a 100 % natural product in both production and formulation. The whole procedure is carried out in the company’s pharmaceutical packaging which is licensed for installation and operation, following the current Pharmacopoeia 9 standards certified by the Hellenic Organization for Medicines (EOF). All safety and quality analyses are performed on a regular basis (by production Lot) by the certified by EOF Hellenic Research & Innovation Center, Institute of Food Safety and NCSR Demokritos for cyanotoxins.

Packaging of flakes as well as pulverization and powder packaging is carried out in the company’s food packaging centre with specifications and certification by the Unified Food Control Authority (EFET) of the Greek Ministry for Food and Agriculture with an appropriate license for installation and operation by the Region of Central Macedonia and its decentralized management.

The production and standardization processes of the company are controlled by international standards (ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO 22000: 2005 & HACCP), and a special protocol (company know-how) certified by Green Control is followed for the organic production of the product. 

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