Through Debit or Credit:

The customer can pay the sale price and other agreed charges and charges by credit (Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Maestro) or debit or prepaid card issued by a recognized Greek or foreign Bank

Payment is made in a lump sum.

The credit card is charged to Piraeus Bank and then accepted by SPIRULINA NIGRITA ANASTASIADIS CHRISTOS and then the sale is completed. The charge can be made even if the products are not available.

In case a product is not finally available, our company does not proceed with the charge of the card (for all this it will be preceded by informing the customer either by phone or by mail. The customer is the only one responsible for the correct recording and the truth of the credit data card and SPIRULINA NIGRITA ANASTASIADIS CHRISTOS does not bear any responsibility in case of error.

Pay on delivery:

Upon your order, you can declare cash on delivery and pay cash on the day of receipt of your order. Cash on delivery is only valid for areas where shipping companies support this service. In case the cash on delivery method does not apply, you can choose between a credit card or by depositing in a bank account (transfer).

Payment is made only in cash
Cost: 1,50€

Payment is made only in cash upon delivery
According to the applicable tax provisions, from 03.01.2012 documents worth more than € 500 to individuals (Retail Receipt) and documents worth more than € 500 + VAT to professionals / companies (Sales Invoice) should be paid ONLY in the following ways:

  • Deposit / transfer to a bank account
  • Charge on credit or debit card

According to the new law 4446/2016, all transactions over € 500 will be paid electronically using a card or deposit in a bank account.
The same applies to the case of cash on delivery courier or for your receipt from a courier store.
You cannot pay in cash more than € 500. Only by using a credit-debit card, or depositing in a bank.

Deposit in a bank:

If you do not have a credit or debit card, you can repay your order by bank account.
Pre-order your order in one of the following bank accounts we work with.

* If you choose to pay via bank you will need to email us ([email protected]) the payment receipt

PIRAEUS BANK (No. 52 7908 7620 673)
IBAN GR36 0172 2790 0052 7908 7620 673

IBAN GR56 0110 4280 0000 4280 0305 627

IBAN GR90 0260 7380 0000 1020 1356 378

IBAN GR34 0140 8100 8100 0200 2023 578

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