Spirulina & Sports

in News May 5, 2016

The consumption of spirulina seems to affect positively an athlete’s physiology. So it is particularly popular with major athletes and bodybuilders.

–> Among them many known champions from Far East and Cuba.
–> Quantities that required depending on the body type, are large if you want to achieve healthy muscle building mass naturally.

A recent scientific study in young athletes:
– Men, moderately fit, normal body type
– providing Spirulina /placebo6g/day x 4 wks
– Weighted Dietary factors etc
• improve fatigue time by 35%
• Lipolysis for 15%
• No side effects
• Mitigation of formal per-oxidation of fat after workout
Possible explanation: Increased intake of dietary agents, such as essential sulfur amino acids, GLA, antioxidants!

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