What is Spirulina?

Let's find out some information about Spirulina and it's history...

Spirulinam Spirulina is a microalga with characteristic blue-green colour. In fact this is the commercial name of some blue-green algae of the phytoplankton of alkaline lakes in the tropics and sub-tropics used for centuries as food by the locals. They are ancient, multivalent filamentous organisms, capable to thrive at relevantly high temperatures and pH, resulting in an exceptional chemical content of high nutritious value. Hence, the popularity of Spirulina as food supplements.

We now know from extensive toxicological studies and bio-chemical analyses that eating Spirulina is safe for humans and that its protein is mildly inferior to the dietary reference (milk, egg) in contrast to all other known proteins of non-animal origin. Furthermore, analyses of many independent researchers and organizations show that Spirulina is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, essential lipids, minerals and polysaccharides with strong evidence for a beneficial effect on the immune system, the renal and intestinal function; in preventing and suppressing viral diseases; inflammation, cancers, skin lesions; and mainly on balancing diet.

Dr Ioannis Tzovenis, biologist and General Secretary of the Greek Phycological Society, scientific adviser of our company provides here all the necessary information about Spirulina

You can find info on Spirulina’s valuable content, contributions to our health, a practical guide on how to consume it and scientific reports about it in the press and in the international literature. Here you can find also regular updates, published articles and news regarding the benefits of Spirulina. Recipes for dishes or recipes for juices and cosmetics can be found here too.

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