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The benefits of Spirulina on our health...

Our vision

Sometimes a site might commence in an unorthodox way. However for us vision is priority! It compels us to make the best Spirulina ever!!!

Why not? We have it all! A country with high desire for primary production… a location highlighted by the Aristotle’s University of Thessalonniki as an ideal place for Spirulina production as it combines high sunshine with suitable spectrum, able geothermal energy for low cost heating of the water and boosting growth with quite pure carbon dioxide.

And of course all these are supported by the right staff! People not together just for livelihood but for the love of this unique product that matches past, present and future of nutrition!! A gift from nature to mankind! A blessing!!

And indeed its production is so friendly to the environment that any residual is in itself a valuable product for agriculture or husbandry!!!

For these reasons and many more we have become attached to Spirulina and we strive respectfully to raise the Greek production as top worldwide!




Ioannis Tzovenis

tzovenisDr. Ioannis Tzovenis studied biology in Athens and aquaculture in Gent (Belgium). His work was all the time dealing with algae as he envisioned them as a vehicle for the smooth transition of man to a future that starts from the ocean and leads to the stars. His first contact with the cultivation of Spirulina was in 1984 and has since worked for years in research and industrial applications of algae, marine and freshwater. He was especially involved in the production of phytoplankton in fish and shellfish aquaculture and in the development of natural products from algae for food and cosmetics. He taught for a decade applied phycology in the Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries of the Technological & Educational Institution of Epirus (North-Western Greece) and collaborates for years with the Biology Department of the University of Athens as a researcher for the development of a microalgae strain bank from Greek aquatic ecosystems and applications like biofuel production from algae in the Eastern Mediterranean. Dr. Tzovenis bares a deep belief in the potential of Spirulina to help people asking for physical improvement of their daily life, or to recover from adversities and get reengaged.


pantelis anastasiadiskoultsiakis

Nothing is accidental. What would happen it happens. In a flush of time fate brought together the families of Vangelis Koultsiakis and Pantelis Anastasiadis.

Ο Vangelis Koultsiakis, farmer by family tradition, successful in greenhouse cultivation using geothermal energy, highly motivated and open minded pioneered in the town of Nigrita the culture of Spirulina some 20 years ago aided effectively by the academics of Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki, Institute of Geological and Mining Studies and Bulgarian Academy of Science. Family tradition passes on now to his son Yannis, a major stockholder of Spirulina Nigrita, with relevant studies and interests.

The architect Pantelis Anastasiadis, a successful constructor, along with his wife Katerina , a lawyer with experience in public relations, both restless minds seeking opportunities in the primary sector, got acquainted with Spirulina and became believers in its beneficial activity to the human body. Their quest brought them to Nigrita where they found their chance to work with Spirulina.

In this course another happy coincidence did occur. They met with Dr. Ioannis Tzovenis, biologist and expert on Spirulina since his student years, who joined the effort with no hesitation aiming at the future. While studying at the University he became confident in the capacity of the algae to offer solutions in an ever-changing environment by overpopulation pushing mankind to resort to the ocean and colonise the stars. .

All teamed together, since March 2012 that the company was founded, strive for best quality through eco-friendly processes. They think of Spirulina as an ideal supplement for the modern man in his daily diet as they firmly believe that it strengthens the body and prevents disease. They also consider Spirulina as a potential solution for a healthy and nutritious aid for people less privileged through specific programs promoted by humanitarian organisations.

The team believes in Greece and its potential and point their efforts to succeed against the odds of today’s crisis aspiring to expand soon to Europe and to the rest of the world with their Greek produced Spirulina products.


The production plant is located in Therma Nigrita’s and occupy an area of 2 hectares. The location was suggested by the Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki as an ideal place for such aquaculture as it combines a certain solar regime with geothermal energy availability. Cultivation and processing of the biomass is done in the facilities of the farm an exemplary vertical unit for Spirulina production in Greece.

The vertically integrated production unit includes:

  • Specially designed raceway ponds each in a closed greenhouse to protect Spirulina from environmental adversities and contaminants
  • Harvesting unit with advanced screening to maintain the cells intact at collection followed by thorough rinsing to rid of contaminants and salts
  • Solar drying unit in specially designed greenhouses
  • Dried biomass processing unit formulating it in tablets of 100 % Spirulina with no excipients, consequently placed in blisters and packaged in boxes. The whole process is certified by the National Drug Administration following current standards for microbiological safety.
  • Each production stage is carefully checked to ensure production of SPIRULINA NIGRITA with best quality.


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