Ioannis Tzovenis

tzovenisDr. Ioannis Tzovenis studied biology in Athens and aquaculture in Gent (Belgium). His work was all the time dealing with algae as he envisioned them as a vehicle for the smooth transition of man to a future that starts from the ocean and leads to the stars. His first contact with the cultivation of Spirulina was in 1984 and has since worked for years in research and industrial applications of algae, marine and freshwater. He was especially involved in the production of phytoplankton in fish and shellfish aquaculture and in the development of natural products from algae for food and cosmetics. He taught for a decade applied phycology in the Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries of the Technological & Educational Institution of Epirus (North-Western Greece) and collaborates for years with the Biology Department of the University of Athens as a researcher for the development of a microalgae strain bank from Greek aquatic ecosystems and applications like biofuel production from algae in the Eastern Mediterranean. Dr. Tzovenis bares a deep belief in the potential of Spirulina to help people asking for physical improvement of their daily life, or to recover from adversities and get reengaged.

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