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Know the production location of Spirulina!

spirulima nigrita therma

Therma Nigrita’s is considered as an ideal area for the cultivation of Spirulina. A study of University of Thessaloniki led by prof. Dr. Gerorge Fytikas showed that the solar spectrum of the region, the large number of sunny days and the use of local geothermal energy to heat the water renders the place quite suitable for Spirulina growth.

Therma is a beautiful village on the slope of a small hill that has been generously given favourable natural resources. All the plain around is a large geothermal field which since the introduction of technology by the National Geology & Metallurgy Institute (IGME) to harness geothermal energy had its agriculture activity flourished. With geothermal technology for heating farmers could now raise greenhouse crops at maximum capacity during the winter period.

The mineral water of the area enjoyed popularity for decades as bottled water from Nigrita and a whole range of soft drinks under the same brand were marketed throughout Greece

The area's hot springs were exploited also in a spa that received over 1000 people a day when it was in fashion

The place experienced days of prosperity when its features were fully exploited

Nowadays the situation is far from the success of the past. Despite that, there is a true business opportunity in Nigrita for either a state or private entity to develop its great potential e.g. spa, mineral water bottling and of course Spirulina!

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