Practical Guide of use

How can we introduce Spirulina in our diet?

Spirulina is a concentrated food which enriches, supplements, and replenishes with excellent nutrients the daily diet. It restores a long incorrect or unbalanced diet, whether due to wrong choices or the hectic and stressful lifestyle of the western metropolis.

The large reserves of Spirulina in natural antioxidants and vitamins replenish naturally the deficient intake of fruits and vegetables, while high levels of iron and other micronutrients prevent deficiencies and anaemia.

The daily intake of 4-10 tablets of Spirulina depending on body type and age (children 3-6 tablets daily) offers all these advantages and fortifies the body against disorders associated with lifestyle. In fact there is no limit for the intake of a food (Spirulina is a food compressed into a tablet) other than the satiation perceived in case of overconsumption.

It can be consumed as tablets or a meal ingredient in e.g. fruit cream (4-10 g or 10-25 or tablets in blender with fruit), vegetable juice (4-5 tablets with carrot juice, tomato puree, parsley or dill, spices and whatever other vegetable desired), milk-shake with various flavours, muesli porridge or yogurt.

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