Our Facilities

Meet the production facilities of Spirulina Nigrita...

The production plant is located in Therma Nigrita’s and occupy an area of 2 hectares. The location was suggested by the Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki as an ideal place for such aquaculture as it combines a certain solar regime with geothermal energy availability. Cultivation and processing of the biomass is done in the facilities of the farm an exemplary vertical unit for Spirulina production in Greece.

Here is performed thw whole production process from aquaculture of the Spirulina, to the packaged finished product, "Spirulina Nigrita". Company is an innovative vertical plant the unique in Greece for the species.

GEO-SPIRULINA Ltd owns 22.5acres of land, with existing greenhouses 7.5acres and ability to put another 5acres of greenhouses.

Since it's establishment and after the company has built four special technology barrages of 400m2, each within greenhouses, two barns of 200m2 within greenhouses also, office space, little standardization laboratory - finished product packaging, approved by the "EOF", warehouses and has constructed exchanger geothermal installation space.

Both water reservoirs to a temperature up to 36oC and dryers will operate and heat from the geothermal fluid.

The total surface reservoirs is around 1,600m2 (4x400m2) and in the future company aims to reach 12,000m2 water surface, in order to produce sufficient amount of spirulina for export in Europe.

Our company is the first vertical plant for Spirulina production in Greece!

The vertically integrated production unit includes:

  •   Specially designed raceway ponds each in a closed greenhouse to protect Spirulina from environmental adversities and contaminants.
  •   Harvesting unit with advanced screening to maintain the cells intact at collection followed by thorough rinsing to rid of contaminants and salts.
  •   Solar drying unit in specially designed greenhouses.
  •   Dried biomass processing unit formulating it in tablets of 100% Spirulina with no excipients, consequently placed in blisters and packaged in boxes. The whole process is certified by the National Drug Administration following current standards for microbiological safety.
  •   Each production stage is carefully checked to ensure production of SPIRULINA NIGRITA with best quality.

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