Why should we use Spirulina Nigrita?

  • It is 100 % pure Spirulina without excipients, an absolutely natural product not made in a laboratory.
  • It grows in Therma Nigrita’s a location indicated by the University of Thessaloniki as ideal for such aquaculture because of its specific combination of sunshine and geothermal energy availability.
  • It is produced in advanced raceway ponds each in a closed greenhouse, ensuring thus protection from external factors distinguishing it positively from the typical open cultures of imported products.
  • Harvesting is made with screening to maintain cells intact and rinse them thoroughly before drying in a specialty sun drying unit.
  • The final product is formed in tablets without excipients and packaged in the farm’s processing unit approved by the National Drug Administration applying current standards of microbiological safety.
  • To ensure its excellent quality Spirulina Nigrita is thoroughly controlled at every production stage as the whole process is carried out on the premises of the company, an exemplary vertical unit for Spirulina production in Greece.

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